Custom Aircraft Solutions

11Gantt Aviation is fully equipped to help our clients buy, sell, or trade their aircraft, jets or turbo props. We have extensive experience assisting customers with their business jet sales, functioning as aircraft brokers, and supplying clients with jets from our own inventory.  Unlike other corporate jet sales companies, we aren’t simply jet brokers or aircraft dealers.  We’re seasoned professionals who a vast selection of inventory and who are knowledgeable in all facets of our industry.
The Gantt Aviation team has all of the necessary resources to assist our clients with everything including price negotiation, insurance set up, arranging contracts, and facilitating meetings with tax attorneys. We can even help our clients find jets that are not currently listed on the market.

At Gantt Aviation, we aren’t just an aircraft sales company — we’re aircraft owners just like our clients. Because we’ve gone through the process of purchasing and selling our own jets countless times, Gantt Aviation is uniquely qualified to help our clients find and purchase the right jet for their needs. Many jet aircraft brokers aren’t themselves jet owners. They’ve never piloted planes and often aren’t familiar with the complexities of aircraft maintenance. At Gantt Aviation, we not only know the ins and outs of the global jet market; we know the ins and outs of each of our planes.

Some of the many services we provide at Gantt Aviation include:

  • Buyer/seller contract negotiations
  • Jet/turbo prop value estimates
  • Refueling and maintenance services
  • Jet/turbo prop brokering
  • Jet/turbo prop acquisitions
  • Insurance consultations
  • Trade negotiations
  • Market research

Few jet dealers can boast the experience and range of services that Gantt Aviation has to offer. Contact our sales management professionals to learn more about our services.

Contact us to speak with one of our Sales Associates about your aircraft needs.